Our firm, Ulloa & Asociados began in January 1997; in 2002, it became Morales Ulloa & Asociados,and The LEgal Division of Morales Group (Ernst & Young Honduras, S. de R.L.). In 2006, the firm became Ulloa & Asociados, S. de R.L. and since then operates under that social reason.Since 2008, Ulloa & Asociados has become the first firm in Honduras to be certified under the international standard ISO 9001: 2008. Our firm is focused on meeting the needs of the corporate world, with specialized professionals focused on labor, mercantile, environmental and tax matters, both in administrative and judicial offices, and is made up of five areas: Counseling, Labor & Employment, Legal Proceedings, Litigation, Public Notary, Compliance and Resource Management.



We are a team of responsible and competent professionals in the law's corporate and business areas, we offer solutions to our clients based on efficient compliance with the Law.


At Ulloa & Asociados, we want to be the leading firm of corporate legal services in the national scope, with international recognition, achieving it through team work, with adequate planning and organization that responds to the needs and requirements of the client, and providing a competent, quality and reliable service that contributes to the growth of Honduras.


Ulloa & Asociados, a firm dedicated to the provision of legal and corporate services in the areas of Consulting, Management, Litigation, Notary and Compliance, is permanently committed, in an accurate and diligent manner, to satisfy the needs of the client and relevant interested parties, counting on competent professionals dedicated to compliance with the applicable legal requirements, identification of risks and opportunities; for the development of adequate solutions, through the continuous improvement of our Quality Management System.



Since December 2008, ULLOA & Asociados has become the first Law Firm in the country to obtain the ISO 9001: 2008 Certification and is considered by our clients as the leading Firm in Honduras. Given this privileged position given to us by our customers and to the demands of the market, ULLOA & Asosiados has assumed the commitment to develop better ways of working that promote the efficiency and quality of our services. Thus, as in 2008, our Firm undertook the challenge of certifying itself to the ISO 9001: 2008, a certification that is undoubtedly a differentiating element compared to our competitors. Obtaining this certification demonstrates that we have internal processes that ensure continuous improvement and certainty for our clients that we work daily to meet their expectations and that, therefore, their trust deposited in ULLOA & Asociados will have a return value Important for your business.

Benefits of the ISO 9001: 2008 Certification

1. It creates awareness in the staff of the organization about the importance of quality as a basis for the competitiveness of the company.
2. Greater orientation in the understanding and fulfillment of the contractual requirements of the client, increasing their satisfaction and confidence.
3. Order, standardization and control of internal processes, generating consistency in the performance of services and increasing productivity.
4. It generates a robust documentary base that allows defining the policies, functions and controls that guarantee the adequate execution of the activities of the company.
5. Competitive advantage, differentiated services in the market, better image to potential customers.
6. System oriented to continuous improvement, able to learn from past lessons for the improvement of the company's current services and processes, increasing the ability to create value.
7. It supports the planning of strategies, plans and objectives of the organization.
8. It promotes the training of the personnel in critical functions of accomplishment of the service.




Service that is provided to our customers through a documented process in which a response is adhered to the law ...



Service that is provided to our customers through a documented process in which the necessary actions are carried out ...



This process matches with the implementation, at the national level, of the Civil Procedure Code, which allows civil and commercial processes ...


Marielena Ulloa

Legal Director

Degree in Juridical and Social Sciences from the National Autonomous University of Honduras. Title of Lawyer issued by the Supreme Court of Justice, Exequatur of ...

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Reynaldo Pineda

Environmental Consultant

Environmental consultant (regent evaluator). Agricultural Engineer - Regional University Center of the Atlantic Coast (UNAH- CURLA) SERNA Register RI-0096-2004...

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Tania Espinoza

Compliance Coordinator

Lawyer of the National Autonomous University of Honduras. Master's Degree in Business Law from UNITEC. Legal Advisor and Compliance Process Coordinator ..


Ivanna Campbell

Counseling Coordinator

Lawyer of the Catholic University of Honduras (outcome). Legal Adviser / Coordinator of counseling, with certified programs in: Administrative Law, Diplomat...

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