The legal director of the firm, lawyer Marielena Ulloa de Pineda, is a Public Notary authorized by the Supreme Court of Justice for the practice of the Public Notarial Faith. She runs the notary process, which consists, in the elaboration of the different businesses or legal acts, that natural or legal persons, celebrate in the presence of the notary. Likewise, the acts of the registration process are carried out in those acts or businesses, which, for their effectiveness against third parties, must be registered in a Public Registry. Due to the investiture of the Minister of Public Faith, of the lawyer Marielena Ulloa de Pineda, she also authorizes Certificates of Authenticity, of the documents or rubrics, at the request of the users. Institutions: Property Institute, Commercial Registry, Registry, National of Persons. Results: Certificates of Authenticity of Copies and / or Signatures, Notarial Acts and Public Deeds.

Within the Public Deeds are: Constitutions of Societies, Powers for Lawsuits, Powers of Representation and Administration, Revocation of Powers, Protocols of Social Assemblies, Society Reforms, Dissolution and Liquidation of Companies. Within the Liquidations of Companies, we have: Extrajudicial Transactions, Buy/Sales that require to be formalized in Public Deed, Wills, Rectification of Instruments, Mortgage Guarantee Contracts, Mortgage Guarantee Loan Agreements, Real Estate Remedies, Lease Agreements, among others.